Interior Design. Architectural Sensiblity.™

For the past three decades, I have offered full design services for residential and commercial clients with a no "cookie cutter" approach that creates current and timeless spaces filled with an energy that seems to touch every soul in a personal way.

What differentiates you from other designers?

I separate myself by not just being an interior designer. I focus on the whole project by bringing interior and exterior architectural sensibility to all my work. While many designers simply perform furniture and paint selections, I redesign entire houses, often by redrawing the blueprints and then focus on the finishing details.

What is the benefit of using a single designer, rather than a large firm?

When you hire me, you get ME. As a solo designer, I take full responsibility for all projects. I am always accessible and very hands on. Often, large firms anchor themselves on a big name designer while having other people do the actual design work.

What do you consider your strengths?

Interior architecture, blueprint analysis, lighting designer, construction management, color palette, tile design, and being a team player.

Why do clients enjoy working with you?

The relationship between the client and designer is a very personal one. We collaborate at length to flesh out the perfect solution to otherwise daunting design challenges. I make it fun and look easy.

Builders especially love to work with me because I am able to speed up the process and take all the agony of decision making away from them. I have successfully redrawn many blueprints, creating a better functioning house, and completed many award winning homes. Often I have brought the look and feel of the home up to the next level, helped the property sell quickly and often at a higher price than expected.

At what stage in the design process is it best to hire an interior designer?

It's best to hire a designer before the plans are finalized. I can certainly help with selections and designing all finishes and cabinets, but if the house works and flows well, and utilizes every valuable square inch, then everything will work better as a whole and the job will look perfect when completed.

Can you work on a budget?

I have never met a client with an unlimited budget. Whether the home is projected to be $4 million or a $150,000 renovation, everyone is on a budget

Who implements your designs?

I have spent years cultivating relationships with great craftsman at fair rates. It is crucial to find an expert in each field who really knows what they are doing, or they can ruin the project and all the hard planning in the install. A project is only as strong as its weakest link.

Why do you need to supervise the construction phase of your work?

It is arguably the most important part of my work. With tradesmen coming and going, and general contractors juggling too many projects, it is crucial to have someone act as the design foreman to oversee the execution and installation of the project. With me, you have someone in your corner.

What are some favorite nicknames people have given you?

Among other things, I've been called... "Secret Weapon," "Space Planning Goddess," "Girlfriend," "Queen of Color," and "Value Engineer!"