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Inches to Metric: Zionism Through Design

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The Times of Israel

Inches to Metric: Zionism Through Design

Seven years ago, our family went to Israel on a real estate shopping/last hurrah before our kids began to marry trip. We had no idea when we landed, that only two days of shopping later, we would find what was going to become the home of our dreams.

Designing and building our home in Israel was a wild ride, and I'm in the business thirty years. Afterwards I thought, could I try to help others design and build in Israel while living in both the US and Israel? With hands shaking, I put a page about working in Israel on my website, and have been off and running ever since.

I've told many people about how fun and funny it is to work in Israel, juggling two continents, all the diverse populations in both regions, I work for and with. I was encouraged to write about it, ( actually it would make a great TV series), and am now starting to blog about an American Architectural Interior Designer working in both Chicago and Jerusalem. I wrote a short article about designing and building in the JUF News Chicago market three years ago. I decided to start my blog with this piece.